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Fun In the sun? Lets hope so,cumon summer !

unnamedAs British gas offers cut price boiler servicing through the summer,grab your self a bed warmer before Autumn rolls in !



The shop will re re open this Saturday,only Saturdays to begin with but probabley Friday, Saturday next week,please email your needs

Big in Japan

“The shop might be closed but our reputation in Japan still grows”
The Japanese style magazine Popeye were in the shop for a shoot and interview last friday.
Maybe Aalto is more ‘connected’ than he lets on,he is certainly ‘big’ in Wilberforce Road,poping up on instagram in other peoples flats and houses.11825656_10153155740585857_3055785902328285529_nPopeye

Koyaanisqatsi (trailer)

LKJ -linton Kwensi Johnson -more time-

Best laid plans an all that.. Sorry, I need another month !