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“Stop The Press” !
The saying ” if you want to find something, stop looking for it” is a myth.
Yes folks, I spent much of yesterday looking for my passport, in fact frantically looking for my passport. My last resort was to stop looking and get on with the rest of the day, and hope its presence would reveal its self. But alas my flight leaves in 2 hours and no sign.
The good news is that the shop will be open now and not closed tomorrow Saturday 17th June, so please come down and buy some bikes, I have some great stock at the moment!

Hi. The shop will not be opening next weekend, that’s 17-18th June. I am in the shop today ( sunday 11th), and should be in the vicinity of the shop Wed 14th/Thur 15th. I am in the process of ‘creating’ a new ‘subterranean’ ‘showroom’ ‘!’..