Monthly Archives: November 2017

“The Devil plays with the best laid plans”

Neil Young.

Well it looks like the shop will open in December after all !

No ‘Black Friday’, but you are most welcome to come and negociate a deal on any bike,or to chat about a custom build. Lead times at this time of year shrink from 1-3 months, to 1-3 weeks.

The ‘showroom is viewable tho not finished..

The same goes for restoration, repainting and re-chroming etc..

Its also a good time to get things looked at/serviced before the winter finds out your bikes weaknesses. Surely not the time of year to breakdown.

Here is a photo of Raybel this time last year in dry dock at ‘Maylandsea’ essex.


And the ‘showroom’;


See you soon!