Sargent and Co is located at 74 Mountgrove Rd, Finsbury Park, N5 2LT.

We specialise in classic road bike restoration and build ups. (Sorry we don’t work on mountain bikes or high breads).

Our opening times are currently Saturday (10-5) and by appointment – just email (preferably) or telephone.

You can email us at Rob@sargentandco.com

You can also have a nosy at our website www.sargentandco.com

It’s probably best to email rather than phone as we usually have hands full of grease and heads full of thoughts, so we don’t always get chance to answer the phone.


5 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Hmm,thinking about it,and I can only speak for myself here,for me personally..my head usually feels full of grease and my hands are usually thinking,where did I put 9mm spanner.
    Yeah, then the ringing noise..

  2. Hello,

    Sorry we just picked this message up…could you please email us at Rob@Sargentandco.com with some images? I hope this is o.k.



  3. Hello,
    How much is the Hetchins going for?
    With thanks

  4. Hi do you,buy. I have a holdsworth track frame that I wish to sell,to enable me to help fund the cost of restoring my old falcon san remo.
    the frame (holdsworth) is a mid 1960s size 23″ metallic silver.
    have photos if you are intrested.

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