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In the shop, out the shop, on the floor

New cat on the block

Meet Aalto, our new French friend.


With his good looks, feline charm and penchant for sitting in the window plants he’s already made himself a few friends in the neighbourhood.

Although it seems he was caught up in a misunderstanding and exposed on social media earlier this week:

We prefer to think he was inspired by this classic (he likes gardening really):

Hari Hari



Rob and cassius will be back from their adventure and the shop with be open on Thursday 8th November, and we now have new November opening hours:
Thursday: 10.30 – 18.30
Friday: 10.30 – 18.30
Saturday: 10.30 -18.30

Bradley Wiggins interview with The Foot Down

All the way back in May when the sun was shining and we were all excited about the warm hazy summer ahead, we had Bradley Wiggins come to the the shop. It was all very exciting because he is a champion and goes against the grain and he was modelling a new range he had collaborated with Fred Perry on. It was all top secret at the time- Rob and I felt like we had entered the inner circle. We knew what the mod rocket was up to, we could see him and his manager. I even spoke to his manager. I even spoke to Wiggo. I borrowed his PA’s sharpie pen. Unfortunately this encounter did not lead to me gaining access all area passes for the Olympics- you win some you loose some.

Anyway the day that Wiggo came to Mountgrove Rd so did Ty, the man behind behind the cycling blog, The Foot Down. Ty had come to do an interview with Mr. Wiggins. The amusing and sensitive interview has been published today. The interview offers an interesting insight into one of the UK’s greatest ever cyclists. Needless to say all of this seems even more exciting in light of the fact Wiggo is all over Le Tour de France like a terrier down a rabbit hole.
The Bradley Wiggins for Fred Perry shirts have also been released today which we are pretty happy about, you can read all about the delightful collection here.

Georgie Wood

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Due to the bad weather we will be open on Sundays from 10.30 to 13.30 for a trial period,   it’s good that innit? We will be open for sales only, perfect for trying bikes and having our undivided attention.

New security measures

We are not being paranoid or anything, but we know there are  light fingered little so and so’s out there who would have the shirt of your back given half the chance. That’s why we have decided to invest in some security measures in and around the shop.  People feel less inclined to steal if they know they are being watched.

Whatever you do don’t look back into her eyes, she hates it. She will watch you, but you don’t watch her. Not ever.

Queens Jubilee N16

We are open this Saturday, 10.30-18.30. We are closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We are always closed on these days though so I don’t suppose it matters.

May you all have a wonderful bank holiday.

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