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The Cat in his empire

Cassius News

Cassius has terrorised cats and dogs across various London neighbour hoods over the years.The last 4 years have seen him striking a reign of terror over Mountgrove Rd. He has competed many times, offering himself out to Boxers, Rottweilers and Jack Russel’s. He nearly found his match once in a large ginger tom with a funny eye, but after a 5 minute spat the tom reluctantly walked away.

When you are hard as nails and you have proved it you can lie in the middle of the street in a nonchalant manner because you know no one will dare say a word (apologies to all the mothers who struggled maneuvering the prams around him last week).

The real secret to spotting a fake bicycle

We operate stringent quality control procedures here at Sargent and Co, Cassius can sniff a fake out at ten paces; and he sure loves the smell of a decent build, mmmmiaow


Cassius News

Things got a bit hectic earlier on this week, too much to do, too little time. Cassius could see his master struggling under the load and offered his paws for the day.

Pass me the 6 mil hex key will you?

As it transpired he wasn’t really cut our for mechanics work, he doesn’t like to get his paws dirty and he trapped his whiskers in the chain twice. The whole day turned out to be quite slow paced as he had to have a nap every hour or so.

Ah well, the thought was there, thanks Cassius.

Cassius News

Sometimes it's nice to hide away and have a lie down

Business as usual

We are glad to say all is well here and it’s business as usual.

Cassius took to patrolling the street, he frightened off everybody, including those who were just trying to get to their houses.

Some of his gang got involved as well

Love, peace and cycling x

Cassius News

Silently creeping up on Rob

After biting Rob on the bum, Cassius leapt back into his box

But it was no use, he could not contain himself for laughter

Cassius News

Cat Fruit