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Spring clean

It’s worth keeping your eye on eBay as Rob’s making space for new stock and selling some lovely vintage gear.

You can get yourself a bargain – last week he foolishly put his restored 1970s Mercian frame up there with no reserve, it went for just a couple of hundred…

Mercian frame March 2015

Check out ‘sargent1096‘ on eBay:

Hari Hari


Sargent & Co gets reflective…

…we have some new reflective cycling T-shirts on display in the shop, designed to wear everyday whilst having an extra level of safety as you cycle home at night.

chain T shirts ii

Designed and hand printed in London, the T-shirts are available in black or white, with a reflective chain design on the back: black T-shirts with neon green detail; white with pink detail. Available in S, M & L.

Chain T shirts i

Just a short run of 30 T-shirts to begin with, head over to to get one.

Hari Hari

Sargent and Co wins L’Eroica

Your initial thoughts no doubt are that this headline is far fetched, a deviation from the truth, but it’s not. Let me explain, right from the beginning.

A few years back Rob headed over to Italy with Frankie Ciao Ciao.When they arrived Rob and Frankie Ciao Ciao recruited Frankie Ciao Ciao’s dad, the threesome then set about a tour of northern Italy to buy some classic bikes.

During this two week tour they stumbled across a heady mix of characters and happened upon some real gems. On day six they met a fella with a road bike shop. The shop was filled with the usual suspects, carbon Pinarello’s, blingin’ De Rosa’s, Colnago’s dripping in Campag. Across the sea of modernity Rob spotted a lone steel steed, she glistened and shined and she said to Rob, ‘I need you, help’ (I think he made this bit up). Rob kept his cool and got his negotiators head on ‘how much, I will give you whatever you want, just let me have her’ he screeched.

The Italian shop owner was pleased with Rob’s outburst, but not because he was greedy, no, he was pleased because he had been reluctant to let her go to the wrong person and he had waited eagerly for someone to come to the shop who would love her as he had, who would give her the life she deserved. Rob, Frankie Ciao Ciao and Frankie Ciao Ciao’s dad wrapped the beautiful Cucchietti in a blanket and lay her in the back of the van.

Fast forward two years.

It was a regular kind of day, Rob was busy fixing stuff, Cassius was stood at the door frightening passers by and Frankie Ciao Ciao was in the basement doing something (we can’t remember what) and in strolled Stu. Stu Bowers to be precise. This Stu fella was after a bike to ride L’Eroica on. As it transpired Stu was a bit of face on the mountain bike scene and a pretty accomplished rider; Rob figured this would stand him in good stead for a race like L’Eroica, because even though it’s a road race on classic bikes and it’s nothing like mountain biking, it famously takes in strade bianche. For those who don’t know strade biancha is a ‘white’ road filled with tiny stones and is reputedly very difficult to ride on, even the most experienced of road riders struggle on the terrain.

A lightbulb appeared above Rob’s head (again I think Rob made this bit up), Stu should ride the Cucchietti, take her back to her rightful home, give her the outing she had been waiting for. And that was that, Rob would restore the bike, get her back up to speed and Stu would take her to Italy.

Go on Stu, you show’em lad

Stu returned to blighty victorious, he had secured the fastest time of the 2012 L’Eroica, covering the 205km in a tad over eight hours; this is a superb time for such a gruelling race. And so we have it, the Cucchietti was rode to glory on her home turf. I suppose you could argue that it was Stu and the bike that won the competition not Sargent and Co, but we like to think that everyone in the tale had a part to play in the hunt for glory.

In November 2012 the Cucchietti came back to Sargent and Co and is now on sale.
Champion Stu Bowers has continued to ride bikes and works as the Deputy Editor of The Cyclist Mag
Rob Sargent continues his quest to return classic bikes to their former glory.
Frankie Ciao Ciao came out of the basement and was never seen again.

Georgie Wood

M.Steel road bike – For Sale

M.Steel is from the north east. As a shop it has actually been around since the late 1800’s, but has only been in the world of making and selling bicycles for about 80 years.

In 1980 Geoff and Dave Yates founded ‘M. Steel Lightweight Cycles Ltd’ so they could manufacture high quality custom steel frames. Not so long after this Joe Waugh came on the scene, at this point he was at the height of his cycling career. Joe acted as a mobile test bed for the company products. The company became established and well respected and managed to  build quality frames right up until 2005 when demand from aluminium bikes meant their business was no longer sustainable. God damn aluminium!

This bike is in very nice original condition. She is a real head turner and comes from a good line of blood.

I am sure she will be snapped up in no time.

Top tube 58 cm, seat tube 60 cm.

She comes rebuilt and fully serviced.

As always pop by or send us an email if you want any more info.

Condor classic 531 Road bike – For Sale

This piercing blue Condor jut came in. Very nice. Condor of course still exist and they still make bikes. The desirability of both their new and classic bikes seemingly never dwindles. A great British Classic built with Reynolds 531 and fitted with a Shimano 105 groupset, you can’t really go wrong with this.

As you can see she is  currently configured with flat bars, but needless to say we can change the stem and fit drops if required. As with all our bikes she comes fully rebuilt and serviced.

Toptube – 54cm – Seat tube – 54 cm

Please feel free to email us at for more information.

Roberts of Croydon road bike – For Sale

This wonderful green machine hails from the Croydon, the South London borough that interestingly used to house one of the largest airports in Britain.

Thought to be late 70’s she is a very high quality custom build with fast back seat stays and long spear point window lugs.This particular machine has a 51 cm top tube and 51 cm seat tube.

We have had Roberts’ in before. The previous ones we had were also very beautiful.

Needless to say she comes fully rebuilt and specc’ed as required. By all means pop in the shop or send us an email to if you would like to know more.

Dave Lloyd time trial bike – For Sale

Dave LLoyd – quality rider, quality builder (and now a cycling coach).

This machine is thought to be late 70’s; built in the Wirral as a time trial bike.

Gorgeous deep japanese SR bars.

Top tube 55 cm, seat tube 53 cm.

This bike comes fully rebuilt and custom designed to the buyers wants! If you want neon bar tape, a purple saddle and sturmey archer hub you can have it!

Actually that is not true, Rob is rather pure about these things.

This bikes comes fully rebuilt and custom designed to requirements.

Please feel free to send us an email or pop by to discuss spec. and pricing.