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“Float ma boat”

raybel launchHi.

A note of explanation.

A little over 3 years ago after much consideration, I took on a rather larger restoration project, the Thames sailing Barge, ‘Raybel’.

I knew this would impact greatly upon me and the shop and it has been some journey so far. It brings to mind the film ‘Fitzcoraldo’ by Werner Herzog, except I am working largely alone.It meant last year I closed the shop from june till December as I needed more money and time than the shop could offer so I sought this elsewhere.

I am telling you this as I need to do the same again this year, so I am closing the shop from May 2nd till the end of June.

I am optimistic that after this period things might get back to ‘normal’.

I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you and I look for your understanding and compassion in this matter.

The Raybel is a most worthy cause, if only she were made of steel.


God bless Japan

Forego a pint or 2 at the wkd and pledge a little (or a lot) to the Red Cross.

Or get involved with a bit of riding action with the guys down at Rapha.

LONDON 20.03.11

Tap here for for more info. on the ride…

And I know I used to grumble when my mum used to say it (when I didn’t want to eat tripe or liver), but remember to be grateful for all you have got, because some people would give their right arm for what you have…

It’s true dat mum.

Bicycle Film Festival- Roll up

Calling all film makers, animators, musical collaborators, interesting story tellers, your time has come…

If you fancy going in the B.F.F Hall of Fame then go to the B.F.F website, download your self an application pack and away you go…oh but you haven’t got long, deadline is April 1st, allez, allez, allez……

ps: Their will be B.F.F in Liverpool in April, so if you haven’t managed to catch it anywhere else in the world, or if you fancy it again, get yourself down Merseyside for an evening of films, frolicks and booze, nice one , nice one , nice one.

Hackney Bike Workshop/Film Society

Being from the north of this fine country, I have spent a lot of my life getting annoyed about how London centric everything is. I would hate anyone to think we are being bias by posting loads of local events all the time, and it’s not for any  reason other than this is where we live and the people that come through the door each day are local to the area.

Welcome. can we fix your bike my pretty?!!!!

This weeks local through the door was a fella who is involved in the Hackney Bike Workshop. For those who aren’t familiar with this workshop, it’s a non for profit mobile workshop, they setup around Hackney and Stoke Newington and they can help you with bicycle mechanics. The scheme has been going for 18 years and it’s pretty sweet, you can go there if you don’t have the foggiest about your bike or if you need to borrow a tool that you might not have at home.

They also have their very own film society, so if your into your pedals and your reels this could be right up your street. And tomorrow night the society have organised a talk with local bicycle historian Iain Boal, in a pub on Grays Inn Road (WC1X- 8JR)…if I remember rightly their is some live music on afterwards too…sounds like an alreet night to me….

This Friday, the tenth of December, two thousand and ten

Save Herne Hill

Herne Hill, the velodrome down in erm Herne Hill in South London is destined for closure…seems kind of ironic that we are building a new velodrome when we can’t even sustain the facilities we have already have.

The track is always busy and I am sure their is enough demand to justify having an indoor track in the East and an outdoors track in the South. Their are all sorts of training programmes’ going on at the track throughout the year, it’s not just the track riders that are affected, it’s Cyclo Cross riders and school clubs and all the people that work there that will be left without jobs.

Sports facilities are integral to communities, so sort it out Boris.

I for one will be pledging my support to Save Herne Hill.

I Bike Cambridge

Next week their will be a whole series of cycle related events on in Cambridge. Amy from Cyclodelic has had a hand in it, so I reckon it will be good, as she is bursting with energy and ideas. Their are all sorts of exhibitions and things going on and the local colleges are involved.

If you do go I advise not leaving your bike locked up then getting drunk and forgetting where your bike is. I do however advise a riverside stroll and a ganders at the University buildings- Nick Drake studied at Cambridge, his music makes for a well fitting soundtrack to a walk down the river…bliss…

Recreate the scene above and win a prize

Pedalling for Pints

Last night we went to Look Mum No Hands for a Knog Lock Launch…yes a barbie and free beers to celebrate the launch of a lock…sounds kind of daft on paper doesn’t it? A party for a lock?

But it wasn’t that daft really as the guys at Knog had been at Eurobike in Germany, and as they had come all the way from Oz I suppose it makes sense to come to London. If you are coming to London it makes sense to have party. So as we partied about the lock I came across Pedalling for Pints.

Two blokes are pedaling across John O Groats to Lands End on a tandem, and they are stopping off at as many breweries as they can along the way and they are raising money for charity. Well gents I for one salute you…1 tandem, 1 best mate, 2 weeks, 900 miles, 10 tonnes of beer, awesome.

Training regime

So even though  you are annoyed and wondering why you aren’t spending your September doing this, go and check out the website and pledge some dough…it’s all for a good cause, have a pint on us lads…

Ps: On a random note  when I saw the photograph of them I realised I sold one of them a pair of Triathlon shoes once and he had size 12 feet. Small world (but not small feet).