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Things from Italy that we have and that we have seen

Olmo Superlight

Local lad Ed, is a familiar sight around these parts. We often see him ‘of an evenin’,  sometimes on his bike, sometimes on his skateboard, sometimes on foot. He tends to nip to the mini market, 3 doors up from here,  around 6 o clock in the evening. I wouldn’t know what he buys, and it’s not for me to say really, but I often hear the sounds of clinking bottles as he passes by.

Ed, is a very keen cyclist, I have seen him with quite a few different bikes, and when he wonders past in the evening (clinking), he can’t help but push his nose up against the window and admire the steel angels descending from the ceiling.

Sometimes he comes in and has a chat, and a beer.

Last week he came in for a chat, and talk turned to the Olmo Superlight.He had it bad, he wanted her.

Ed, through caution to the wind, and took her home.

He threw the frame over his shoulder

We haven’t seen Ed since he got the Olmo, and I don’t like asking at the minimarket, but they did say they hadn’t seen much of him either.

It goes to show really, doesn’t it, what the right frame can do for a person.


Rossin frameset -Columbus EL tubing- For Sale

People go nuts for this tubing.


And for classic Rossin frames.

From the front

Here is a bit of info. taken from an article all about tubing (Smart

But…. there was something truly special waiting for those that bought bikes made of EL-OS. EL-OS was 0.7mm at the butt and drawn down to 0.4mm in the center section. First of all, there was a reduction in weight, about 1/4 pound. That’s always nice. The biggest bonus was in how the bike felt. Anyone who has ridden an EL-OS bike built by a good builder understands what a supple, beautiful, wonderful bike really is.

The problem was that getting a 0.4mm tubeset bike was expensive. Even now, almost a decade later, there are tubing companies that do not even have the technology to draw a 0.4mm tube. Even though Columbus can now draw 0.385 (a reduction of 15 thousandths of a millimeter from 0.4mm), I think we can safely say that 0.4mm is still the state of the art.

Up close

This frame set is really desirable and super light. It will perform and make your eyes whirl and heart beat.

And personal

It’s finished in a slightly deeper tone than Ferrari red. It’s been fillet brazed.

Showing off

It’s going to very sexy when it’s built up.

love chrome, nice touch

Don’t tell Rob, but imagine this with a new groupset fitted, it would be mean.

54 cm Square.


Mamma mia.

Benotto- For Sale, maybe

In the window, for now

We just got this super sexy Benotto in. It isn’t quite For Sale yet. It will be.

All Robs latest squeezes go in the window and he then spends several weeks lusting over them. Nothing is truly For Sale during the lust period. Once the lust fades the bike will come out of the window and onto the shop floor- it will then be For Sale. Unfortunately I am not in a position to say when this will be, some of them have lasted mere days, others have been months.


Colnago Super – SOLD

It's is super

We have a new Colnago in. We date this machine around 1984.  It has a grogeous Gipiemme chainset and brake calipers, you don’t tend to see many of these around.

It’s had a quality respray at some point and has a superb finish.

The wheels have been built using Pelissier hubs and Mavic open pro rims.

57 cm -C2C, 60 cm- downtube

It’s a nice stiff ride, but as always it’s best to come in and have a test ride and decide for yourself.

£780.00 (fully serviced)

Zola la la la la Zola SOLD

Frame and forks


Little bicycle hands

Lugs -a- lovely

Blingin' break bridge

Little bicycle feet

Cinelli Aero B.B shell

Chromed rear stays

Built by one of the Gios' lads...

Well we drank champagne and danced all night
Under electric candlelight
She picked me up and sat me on her knee
And said little boy won’t you come home with me
Well I’m not the world’s most passionate guy
But when I looked in her eyes well I almost fell for my Zola
Zo-Zo-Zo-Zo Zola Zo-Zo-Zo-Zo Zola
Zola Zo-Zo-Zo-Zo Zola Zo-Zo-Zo-Zo Zola

Zola the temptress will be gracing the pages of Ebay tonight…

With 55 cm seatube C2C measurements and a 54 toptube it would be hard not to be seduced by her pearlescent glimmer…she has SLX written all over her…

Like father like son

James pictured below has a father, this in itself is not spectacular, most of us, in fact all of us do. But not all of us have a father with a Colnago.

James and his very own Colnago

James’ dad had a Colango built by Rob last year. James was obvioulsy impressed by his dads bike and decided to get one for himself. He came to Sargent and Co and hooked himself up.

James is clearly not the kind of devious offspring that I am…when my mother has something I really want, I ask if I can ‘borrow’ it  and subtly refer to it as ‘ours’…eventually ‘borrow’ becomes ‘use’ and ‘ours’ becomes ‘mine’.

Dreamy colours

Dreamy colours

The colours of these bikes lined up are so dreamy…I think the man at the bike paint factory went on holiday to the seaside and felt  inspired by all the yummy gelatos’ and their tempting colours. On his return he mixed his paints to create a new gelato inspired palette and he convinced Mr Colnago and Mr. Rossin that the best bikes would look good enough to eat, not just to ride.