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Sometimes we are featured in magazines and such like

Paul Smith likes us

Sometimes random things happen, like someone happening upon a Paul Smith interview in a French newspaper that happens to mention us. Rob and I thought this was pretty amazing, Cassius really didn’t. The tabby cat around the corner is called Jean-Claude and when he moved in he was bowling round like the big I am. Cassius ended up chasing him into a recycling bin and ever since he has had a thing about anything french. He won’t hear a word about Le Tour anymore.

Georgie Wood


Bradley Wiggins interview with The Foot Down

All the way back in May when the sun was shining and we were all excited about the warm hazy summer ahead, we had Bradley Wiggins come to the the shop. It was all very exciting because he is a champion and goes against the grain and he was modelling a new range he had collaborated with Fred Perry on. It was all top secret at the time- Rob and I felt like we had entered the inner circle. We knew what the mod rocket was up to, we could see him and his manager. I even spoke to his manager. I even spoke to Wiggo. I borrowed his PA’s sharpie pen. Unfortunately this encounter did not lead to me gaining access all area passes for the Olympics- you win some you loose some.

Anyway the day that Wiggo came to Mountgrove Rd so did Ty, the man behind behind the cycling blog, The Foot Down. Ty had come to do an interview with Mr. Wiggins. The amusing and sensitive interview has been published today. The interview offers an interesting insight into one of the UK’s greatest ever cyclists. Needless to say all of this seems even more exciting in light of the fact Wiggo is all over Le Tour de France like a terrier down a rabbit hole.
The Bradley Wiggins for Fred Perry shirts have also been released today which we are pretty happy about, you can read all about the delightful collection here.

Georgie Wood

Fred Perry x Angry Ray x Bradley Wiggins

I am sure you are only to aware that we had Bradley Wiggins, the mod cycling champ grace our presence a few weeks ago. Mr Wiggins was modelling the new Fred Perry cycling range and the photoshoot took place here. Just as the photshoot got into full swing and the photographer had Mr Wiggins perfectly framed in the doorway Angry Ray showed up on his black mountain bike wearing black shades and a grimace.

 Bradley posed in the doorway haplessly unawares of what lurked behind him.  Rob and I found the whole situation very amusing.  Ray asked who the fella was and what all the fuss was about. We told him it was Bradley Wiggins “who’s that then?” he asked. We told him he was a champion cyclist, famous world over. Angry Ray made some comment that I could not possibly repeat on here. And that is why he is Angry Ray.

About a month or so before the shoot in the shop Fred Perry used some our bikes for a studio photoshoot.  You can see more of our bikes and handsome fellas in stylish cycling tops by clicking here.

Sargent and Co hit the big screen

A London based film maker asked Rob if he would feature in his documentary ‘Pushbike‘. The trailer has now been released and is on vimeo; if this dreamy sequence of short clips is anything to go by then this will be a fantastic documentary.

This is the 4th film the shop (Rob) has featured in, which strikes me as a strange considering ‘I prefer taking the pictures’ he protests, ‘I am not one for a fuss’ he adds. Me thinks the ‘lady doth protest too much’, I think Rob has thespian hopes.

If you do watch this video you may notice an elderly gent talking about his racing days, that’s Spud. Spud Taylor. Sadly Spud is no longer with us. Spud was one of Robs first customers, and he was a gent with a thousand tales to tell. He was a fine man and he is missed. Rest in Peace Spud, (your looking grand on the video by the way way :  )

The Ride Journal 6 amongst other things

Out now

This time last week we were packing up and getting ready to hop foot it down to Loom Mum No Hands for the launch of  The Ride Journal 6, this week Robs’ mate Peter is en route with fish and chips. Anyway we now have this wonderful journal in stock (well if they deliver tomorrow as expected), so please pop in and buy yourself a copy, not only because the art direction is phenomenal, and not only because it’s an interesting read, but because I was fortunate enough to have a story published in this edition and it’s kind of  about this shop and the array of characters that come through the door.

In case you are wondering the shop expansion is all going according to plan, their has been some banging, some swearing and some painting. We are hoping to open mid to end March, we are going to have an opening party, we asked Jordans’ people if she fancied cutting the ribbon, apparently she is busy guest speaking at a ‘Modern day Marxism’ event in Loughborough. I would go there if I was you instead, it would be daft to miss it.

Robert Sargent- A portrait

A young gent called Fred asked Rob if he would fancy having his portrait taken for a series he is creating, Rob obliged even though he doesn’t like having his picture taken (or so he protests).

Rob stuck to the model mantra 'don't smile'

If you would like to see more of these images or would be interested in seeing the inside of the Brompton factory (I was)  then click here.

#Sargentandco #vintagebikes hash tag_twy/12!!!

I am not even old, not compared to most people, I am younger than the average person in Britain, yet at my slightly less than tender age I am drowning in a sea of Social networking sites, I have got Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter all prodding me from all angles and that’s just the tip of the iceberg because for all the ones I do know about their are 10 that I don’t.


How does anyone get chance to do anything if they spend half their time notifying everyone? Do you do half as many things? And if you are not on them are you going to be left behind? Will people think you are an eccentric-refusing to be pulled into the 21 s Century?

Here at Sargent and Co both Rob and I have at least one foot stuck in the last century, if not the one before- Rob eats tinned sardines most days, and I am doing a jigsaw at the minute, it’s tragic-  as for the business well, the website is never ever up to date, the blog is updated a maximum of once a week, we don’t really advertise, we don’t have a slogan, a logo, any form of marketing material, we’ve not even got a proper sign above the door.

No one has ever complained to us about these things (least not to our face), but people do say they wish they could have an update to date view of the bikes that we have in the shop and we agree it would be good, so we joined Twitter #sargentandco, today we photographed some of the bikes around the shop. You need never be out of the loop again, and if you aren’t on Twitter you can click on the links to the top right of the blog- these will show you anything that has been put on Twitter…… oooh la la, ain’t that clever?

Ps: It’s a good job I have 2 feet, that way I can have 1 here and 1 back then