Shop opening hours are changing again!!




Shop hours ARE CHANGING .

I will try to maintain Saturday opening 10 – 6 pm, and of course by appointment. Please email or call to make sure I am here. I will infact mostly be here  Tues to Sat , so do call for sales and servicing.

Rob  02073597642 ( please leave a message if no answer)

Sean Yates ( the Animal ).

sean yates.png.. on an ‘Emperor Sport’, time trialing in the ‘Alf Engers ‘ documentary

I have built up two ‘Emperor Sports’ for my self recently, and can only justify keeping one.. See  the website;

the documentary trailer

Get your bike serviced now!


Get it ‘sorted’ so you can be assured of trouble free winter cycling.

Closed this Saturday 7th September!

In the interests of good ‘husbandry‘, Sargent and co will not open this Saturday,as ‘Raybel’ will be going into dry dock on the tide Sunday and preparations need to be made.

The photograph shows the rudder of a Thames sailing barge,the name unknown at least to me,standing proud in the mud, the last visible sign of its existence on neighbouring Northey island..


I promise it will be Bikes Bikes Bikes next week!northey island barge


NEW £249.99 !!!!!!!!

Thanks to ‘Brexit’ prices will go up by 15% as from this Friday.. so telephone your order in by 1pm on 07973617787 to take advantage. If you miss this deadline don’t fret as I  value the bike well above its retail price it really is quite superb and available in three sizes 15″,17″ and 19″,also in  “Peppermint”,and there is another version with gears!


Follow it here

With photographs by Camille McMillan @camillejmcmillan