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Ride inna Scottish style

Released by Glasgow sound system Mungo’s Hi Fi (Scotch Bonnet Records) in summer 2014, this toon is back in our ears this Monday morning…

“Bike for me, bike for you, bike for everyone…”


Hari Hari


过年好!(Happy New Year!)

As we celebrate Chinese New Year here at Sargent & Co let’s not forget that China is one of the greatest cycling nations in the world. Over 500 million bikes and counting.

Cycling was the leisure pursuit for modern Shanghai-ers wanting to see and be seen about town in the 1930s…

Linglong 1935 174 479

…and today vintage bikes are back and popular as ever in fashionable Shanghai, where over 60% of people commute to work. That’s 6.5 million registered cyclists.

Vintage Shanghai

To find out more about China’s cycling history check out this short chronology extracted from the research of Amir Moghaddass Esfehani: http://imperialtours.net/blog/bicycle

Hari Hari

Bradley Wiggins at Sargent and Co?

Yes it was he. The rumours are true. A very dashing, charismatic, tall and slender Bradley Wiggins came to Sargent and Co yesterday. Mr Wiggins famed for looking a bit like Paul Weller on a bike and winning races has worked with Fred Perry to create a very stylish 6 piece collection of merino wool cycling tops.

Needless to say Cassius did not give a monkeys who this Bradley Wiggins was and took it all in his stride.

Rob and I both got our Ride Journals signed. I offered Mr Wiggins a go on my red shopper, he politely declined which was an awful shame as I had washed it especially.

Pictures to follow soon.