For Sale- Bikes- SOLD

We have some new bicycles For Sale….Mens and Ladies…

This bike is mint

We have good reason to think this  is a Carlton that’s been resprayed, the wheel nuts and seat bolt nuts have a Carlton emboss… and the lugs look like the handywork of a Carlton builder.  The piece de resistance has to be the red pump…it looks mint matched up to the mudguards.


It’s a 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub, a 56 cm Steel frame, 700c wheels

Mudguards, rack and pump

A comfortable ride and it’s in ‘Dangermouse’ colours and GTX stickers….Amazing

£155.00- SOLD


1950’s Philips Phantom (Pre 1960 Raleigh takeover- when the frame quality significantly dropped).

A 54 cm singlespeed with flip flop hub (so can also be rode fixed)…has new tyres and tubes, bull horn bars and a 1960’s bell!

It’s tricky to see on the images, but both the lugs and the paintwork (on the seat tube) are really quite intricate and beautiful.

£240.00, test rides welcome…

Claud Butler Mixte

Late 70’s/early 80’s 10 speed ladies bike…

Reynolds 531 tubing

51 cm Mixte Frame

Mudguards fitted

(The bars an be changed to sweep back bars if you would prefer a more upright position).

As this is a 10 speed it’s perfect for city riding, but could definitely be used for getting the miles in…

Claud Butlers from this era are renowned for their comfortable riding positions.

£340 (fully rebuilt and serviced)- SOLD

Gervasio Cyclocross

If you ride Cyclocross you no doubt will be familiar with Alan frames.

If not then I can tell you they are and have been market leaders in Cyclocross frames for over 3o years. They have built bikes for Colnago and Fabo amongst others. Famed for their structural integtrity these are stupendous bikes.

This one here is an Alan built Gervasio, 7 speed, 59 cm (centre to centre).

If this wasn’t too big for me I would have to have this. I think Cyclocross although not as elegant as road bikes are amazing. You can cane them round the streets, fling the down grass hills, drag them through rivers and they just go on and on.

This Italian machine is now SOLD.

Raleigh Esquire

Here we have a bicycle for a gentleman…

A 3 speed hub gear 1970’s Raleigh Esquire complete with dynamo lights, mudguard and rack.

It’s a 56 cm frame.

This would be a super commuter and run around. Get involved.



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